Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cherry blossom on Mount Fuji

My other half has surprised me pleasantly again... This time as per request. I've always been in love with Oriental culture, and I came across a breathtaking picture of Mount Fuji with snow and a cherry blossom tree and Alan thought it looked challenging yet achievable. So here's the wonderful job he's been doing. 


Monday, December 08, 2014

Our gremlin number three

Welcome Artemis! 
He came to our lives unexpectedly. We went to the vet for food for the other two gremlins and we couldn't resist those sweet eyes! Thing is they told us it was getting more difficult for him to get adopted since he was already for months and people want younger kittens, even if he was such a beauty. So it didn't take long to persuade Alan!! So here's our new baby! He's a little nervous since he's albino, he's got eyes of different colours and we've read for this kind of cats total or partial deafness is normal. When he was born he was absolutely deaf but now he can hear from one ear, so maybe with time he can hear more and more. Anyway, bit by bit, he's warming up to us, and we've definitely fallen in love with him.

Another poser...

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lonely moon cat

Another project of my other half... This one will go in my studio! Can't hardly wait for it to be finished! So far, I love the shades, so much better than fifty shades of gray any day of the week!! 

This is just the first coat, btw.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

A special baby

USome of our best friends had a baby and Alan made this for them. Truth is we grew a bit apart and I'm a bit sad about it, and wish things were as they used to be, but anyway, this was a token of our affection and a way of saying we love them and we want to welcome their baby Pau to the world!

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Lotus flower and bamboo

And once again, my other half has impressed me. Here's his next painting and the process he's following to get to his wonderful creation. 

 And that's my love with his painting! 

Xmas is coming

Which means... Pressies!! This time we've found a design with a dog, so no one can say I prefer cats... Much...
Anyway, this is Alan's new project, as you can see, he's the creative one! He's going to try to finish it by the hols! Hope you enjoy the pics!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Alan's gremlins

I want you to meet the best artist I know: my other half. We've discovered he can paint... Oh yeah, he CAN! This is his third painting and all the process. I'll also upload his previous work and you can judge for yourselves; I'm a bit biased here... But I love his art! 

Blessed be!

Feng Shui

We're decorating our household according to Feng Shui... Ok, I'm the nut one here, Alan just humours me... Anyway, as FS says, in the centre of your place (our living room), earth colours... Hence... Ta-da!! I absolutely love this one... What do you think?

Blessed be!

And here it is (the painting) with the love of my life (Alan).

Alan's first work

No words... This is his first painting like... Ever! I was well impressed with it. It's hanging in our living room... Wanted to show it with all of you.

Blessed be!